Zheng Rou laughed a lot,“Daughter?”Just that idea,Dare to be a daughter?

“I think what Qiao Yue took was a counterattack script。Now she is ridiculed and looked down upon,then,She started to change。I don’t care about you today,I can’t afford to climb tomorrow!!How cool!!”Zhuge Yaoniang is also discussing in the forum。
“You are here again.”Yin Nini is speechless,but,“Just like Qiao Yue,Dumb,Also counterattack,I read,Revenge is almost the same。”
“Daughter’s Revenge!!”Zhuge Yaoniang quickly set the topic,“Adoptive parents treat her badly,Biological parents prefer adopted daughters,She became a little poor Cinderella。Then go to the sky,Marry the richest man,Birth,Perfect revenge~~~~”
“What is it to marry the richest man??”Yin Nini really doesn’t understand,“Be the richest man yourself,Just add to the sky?”
“You do not understand。Now in the TV series,Women’s success depends on men。The script is written like this。”Zhuge Yaoniang thought about it,“This is called,Women rely on conquering men,Come to conquer the world!”
“I would rather conquer the world directly,then,Let the man kneel and lick me。”Yin Nini rolled her eyes,“If you want to write a script, write it。Don’t find any prototype Hubian。”Qiao Yue,“She can hear us speaking like this,No reaction at all。Such a person,You let her counterattack revenge?I think it makes sense to make her a vicious female partner。”
“.”Baby Ou looked at Nini with a broken heart,right,right?You think so now, right?Qiao Yue is now the vicious female character set!!!If she can really counterattack, it’s not bad,Anti-customer,It’s also a collapse of his own personal design。But the problem is.
“What are you going to do with her??”Zheng Roudu speaks。
Xie Yun looked up at this moment,Looked over。Those nonsense chats just now,He doesn’t want to participate。
Baby Ou stuck。She hasn’t thought about a new reason yet!!!
Zheng Rou waved her hand,“okay,Not difficult for you。You can’t make it up well,It’s harder to tell you nonsense than to kill you。”Laugh out after talking,“You just admit that you pity her,Not get it?Are you still worried about your pity,Will hurt her self-esteem?”If she really has self-esteem,Being discussed for a long time from beginning to end,I won’t always pretend to be deaf。
Mean words,Zheng Rouduo won’t say it directly。Too collapsed。It’s no different if she doesn’t say it anyway。
Baby Ou quickly waved,“I don’t have one!!”How can you pity her?In case the students are affected by her,Pity her,Then it will directly disrupt the plot?
“I just think she is weird。Incompatible with the surrounding。”This is the truth,Baby Ou doesn’t want to make up,“Curious,I asked her to come。I’m worried that I will talk to the monitor about substitution,The monitor will offend Shao Zhenyan,That’s why I followed。After all, Shao Zhenyan personally arranged,It’s not good to change people casually。”truth。Really tell the truth。
So I believe。