The horror health movement solves the spring sleep

The horror health movement solves the spring sleep

The horror health movement to solve the spring sleepy March 5 is a horror, the third solar term of the year.

The horror is that after the “Lichun”, the weather warmed up, the spring thunder began to ring, and when the various insects hibernating in the soil were awakened, the eggs in the winter also began to be eggified. It is obvious that the convulsions are natural phenology.A solar term.

But what really makes the hibernating animals wake up is not the thunder of thunder, but the temperature in the ground when it rises to a certain extent.

In the horror season, many places have been reddish peach blossoms, willows are green, yellow screams, and swallows fly, most areas have entered the spring ploughing season.

There is a saying of slang: “Thriller, warmth, and old horns sing folk songs.

“Thunder thundered and stunned the rice, and thundered and thundered.”

Spring blossoms, horror is the time when yang rises, people must seize this time to stimulate the body’s yang.

Experts remind: It is a good choice for everyone to exercise. For example, if you carry out proper activities in the morning, you can stimulate the rise of yang in the body, but you should do warm-up exercises before exercise.

Sweating during exercise is a consumption of the yang of the human body, so when exercising, it is enough to achieve micro-sweat.

High-intensity vertical movement can cause loss to the human body and adversely affect the body’s growth and growth.

So spring sports, don’t be too intense, need to be gradual.

1, stretched to relieve the lack of waking up, increase the strength, live limbs.

Therefore, it is advocated to get up early in the spring.

2, spring walk can eliminate fatigue and be healthy.

When walking, you can wipe your hands, rubbing your chest and abdomen, smashing your back and slap your body. It is good for the body to ventilate blood and produce yang.

3, the best sports for horror: fly a kite.

The spring season is just a good time to fly a kite. The kite-flying movement is also a relatively traditional folk sports. It has a history of more than 2,000 years, and it has the function of strengthening the body and preventing diseases and treating diseases.

In the horror of the season, the spring is trapped in the spring. In addition to being able to keep fit, promote the blood circulation of the human body, speed up the metabolism, and breathe the fresh air of metabolism, and discharge the turbid gas accumulated in the winter for a long time. It is a lot of health.Experts are strongly recommended for spring health and fitness.

When flying a kite, people feel comfortable and have a good spirit. They replace the nervous cerebral cortex and cerebral blood vessels to relax, so that the cerebral cortex is rested, so it has a therapeutic effect on neurasthenia and insomnia.

At the same time, it also helps to alleviate the fatigue of the eyes, because when flying a kite, the kite can be seen in a variety of ways, can adjust the eye muscles and nerves, eliminate eye fatigue, achieve the purpose of protecting and enhancing vision, and is very beneficial to myopia, presbyopia and optic atrophy.

The horror season movements often release kites, can maintain the cervical spine, the muscle tension of the spine, maintain the elasticity of the ligament and the complications of the vertebral joints, enhance bone metabolism, strengthen the cervical vertebrae, the spine’s compensatory function, neither damage the vertebral body, butIt can prevent the degradation of vertebrae and ligaments.

In addition, since it is necessary to look up when flying a kite, it is necessary to choose a sloped site, because in the process of flying a kite, people often have to go backwards, and the focus is mostly concentrated in the air, and special care must be taken to prevent tripping and falling;Pay attention to the relationship between the wind and the sun, and pay attention to prevent the damage caused by the sun.

The horror season sports to solve the spring trapping kite also pay attention to the head should not be too long, looking up for too long, easy to cause neck and shoulder muscle tension, fatigue, aggravating the condition.

Older people should adjust the length of time they participate in sports according to their physical condition. They should also fully exercise the neck before exercise.

At the same time, those with insufficient vertebral artery blood supply should avoid avoiding sudden turning and preventing cerebrovascular accidents caused by insufficient blood supply to the vertebral artery.