Finger exercise 12-type fitness puzzle: clap your hands to stimulate acupuncture points

Finger exercise 12-type fitness puzzle: clap your hands to stimulate acupuncture points

This exercise is based on the traditional Chinese meridian principles and has been refined through long-term practice. It is easy to learn, does not require equipment, and is not restricted by time and place.

The twelve verses do not have to be constrained one after another, but can also be selected arbitrarily based on people’s suitability and perseverance.

  The main point is to extend the five knuckles as far as possible.

Clench your fist, and gradually five fingers, 4 × 8 times.

  Count the number “1” with the thumb and forefinger forming a ring. Then the thumb runs down the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger to count back and forth.

The ten fingers are the “Ten Xuan” of the meridians, which can clear the meridian of the whole body, 4 × 8 times.

  Flick your thumbs into the four-finger empty fist, and then drag the four fingers suddenly.

Fingers must have explosive power, which can increase the stiffness and strength of the knuckles.

  Open your top hands with ten fingers facing each other, and use your fingertips to force each other against the top, one tight and one loose.

  Both hands were fractured, and the fingers were tightly crossed.

The joints of the ten fingers are “Baxie” acupuncture points. They can often practice implantable arthritis, numbness of fingers, sore throat, toothache, etc., 4 × 8 times.

  拗 Cross your fingers with your palms facing outwards, and try your best to reduce the length forward to form a pseudopotential, so as to reach your arms and exercise your knuckles.

It was once for a total of 4 × 8 times.

  Turn your hands and cross your fingers with your fingers and turn your wrist clockwise or counterclockwise.

The root of the palm is the confluence of meridians of the human body.

  Pull first squeeze each finger of the left hand with your right hand, then pull it back hard, and then pull the right finger with your left hand, a total of 4 × 8 times.

  Knead the wrist with the big palm of the right palm first, and then rub the right wrist with the left hand.

This is the main point of Taiyuan, Shenmen, Daling, and the reflection point of the reproductive area.

  Shake your hands and hang down naturally in the middle of the body. Release your ten fingers and turn your arms to make the ten fingers crack naturally, a total of 4 × 8 times.

  Rub your hands together, rub your palms as well as your arms. The palms get hot, 4 × 8 times.

  Clap your hands in front of you, and clap your hands in turns behind you.

Clapping can shake all the acupoints of the palm, and it can also inspire people.

Photographing back and forth can also improve people’s coordination and sensitivity.