What is your role in marriage

What is your role in marriage

A property advertisement with a beautiful villa printed on it, but there is no scenery to match it. If you want to add something next to the villa, which group would you choose to match?

    1. Sun and trees.

  2. Butterflies and flowers.

  3. Stars and dogs.

 Choose one: Can create a beautiful family life.

Because trees and sunlight are indispensable parts of real life, the person who chooses this answer has a down-to-earth idea of marriage and life, and will practice his ideal step by step. Therefore, he is a standard good husband or goodwife.

  Choice 2: Cannot accept realistic marriage life.

The items in this project are decorative, so those who choose this answer are full of beautiful fantasy about marriage, but they are not capable of actual family life. After all, marriage is not maintained by the romantic atmosphere alone, but it also needs hard work.Only through struggle can happiness result.

  Choose 3: I will feel a little hard after marriage.

In this project, the stars that are decorative and the dogs that are practical are equally divided, so choosing this graphic is a person with both fantasy and reality.

However, in addition to taking on real life responsibilities, you still have to have extra entertainment.