How to make your love steady

How to make your love steady

Some time ago, there were some erotic disputes in society.

  Feelings were hurt in the relationship, some were angry and appealed to the mass media for justice; others were sad and ended their lives and were rescued; others were jealous and killed their loved ones with a knife to get revenge; others regretted sharing,Get rid of love rivals for perfection.

  ”Who taught him (her) like this to me?

“That’s the same idea.

  Because of this, the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, and frustration in the heart are tangled into a bunch of terrible attacking energy, and at the moment when rationality collapses, it causes harm that can never be repaired.

  How should we treat love in order to avoid these tragic endings?

  First, you need to know love.

  Most people forget or don’t know that dating is actually more important than “finding a marriage partner”.

  From a psychological perspective, establishing close interpersonal relationships with others is an important process in which we develop a sound and mature personality.

In other words, in love, in fact, has important psychological tasks.

  * Psychological task 1: Knowing our own intimate interactions with the other half will make us more aware of our various moods: Oh, “Oh, I was more jealous than I thought.

“” It seems that I really hate being too much of others.

“Oh my God, I am a man who asks others to obey everything.

“Along these lines, the understanding of oneself increases, and the outline of oneself becomes clear and clear.

  * Psychological task two: Cultivate the ability to love. When we share the trivial details of life with the other half, we will also learn the true meaning of “love”: “It turns out that I can not only care about my likes and dislikes, but also need to consider his ideas.

“Maybe sometimes, a moderate amount of D- or even sacrifice, is absolutely necessary.

“When we understand how to get along with another person for a long time, we also improve our ability to love others.

  Therefore, the success or failure of love does not depend on whether there are multiple wedding rings at the end. If you really want to talk about success or failure in love, you should see whether you have completed the psychological task of reducing love.

  As long as in this emotional experience, we know ourselves better and develop better lover ability, then, even if we break up and say goodbye, we should celebrate well, because the task is successfully completed, we are moving towards “maturity”.It’s a big step to become a more attractive and more irresistible charming partner. The next wonderful emotional experience is definitely around the corner.

  On the other hand, even if they sing a marching march, the two get along chaotically and even barely maintain an empty marriage relationship. To be honest, this relationship is actually a failure.

  Therefore, the loss of marriage (love) does not equal failure, and marriage does not mean success.

  Therefore, when you are planted in the emotional world, please don’t forget to think about this psychological task, then you won’t feel defeated by the broken love, as long as the task is completed, you are the winner!