Don’t throw away the roots when eating spinach

Don’t throw away the roots when eating spinach

Spinach freshly marketed in the spring is tempting, but spinach is often taken off by people.

Experts suggest that spinach root can also be nutritious and is a good medicinal and food ingredient.

  Shen Yanying, deputy director of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, pointed out that spinach is a seasonal vegetable in spring, and it is a good vegetable for liver and blood circulation.It has a good auxiliary effect.

Fan Zhihong, associate professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, also pointed out that spinach dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and red spinach root are also nutritious, which has a good therapeutic effect and can be used for both food and medicine.

Therefore, the spinach roots can be preserved when washing the spinach, so as to absorb the nutrients therein.

But to clean it, it is best to add spinach and root vegetables to boiling water for a while, to ensure sanitation and remove astringency.