“You won’t actually flush father into the toilet, will you??”Baby Ou asked this question first。

Ou Zhaozhao also drank water,“how is this possible,That’s charcoal gray。”
Baby Ou breathed a sigh of relief,Mom is not completely crazy。
Ou Zhaozhao squinted at her daughter,Squeezed her face,“I’ve lost so much,I still think your mother is mad?”
amount,Baby Ou scratching his head,“The way you talked to Feng Yang just now,Something is wrong.”It seems like a different person,It’s not the calm and wise。
Ou Zhaozhao sneered,“In their eyes,I’m like that。They hate me and hate me,How can you look at me with good eyes.”
Follow,Smile again,“Someone comes to the house for testing,After giving the whole family a blood test,I know。”how to say,“I once fantasized,Your dad and I really fell in love at first sight like a fairy tale.But after he kept sending me things,I understand,All destined,Are arranged long ago。”
Send things?
correct,Baby Ou is curious,“How did dad deliver the ruby to you??After he died??”
Chapter six hundred and forty three Backhand
Ou Zhaozhao shook his head,“Is not。Before you were born。I have been looking for him,you know too,intermittent,I got some clues that seem true or false,And some may be his photos,Stuff and so on。Rubies are among these things,Sent to me。I thought who bought it at the time,But the bill is not correct,I wonder who sent this monitor or something,Conspiracy theory,I’ll send it to your uncle for a test.”
“.”Baby Ou wants to say,Mother,We both can make up lies,Almost hey。
“Test results,Really scared me。then,I started to trace the source of this ruby。Traced it to your father。I only knew then,Why did he approach me,even,This may also be the reason for his sudden disappearance。but,I didn’t think about the official,I thought he was a private detective,Or someone employed。then,To protect me,Be silenced.”
Ou Zhaozhao simply talked about the sadness of the past,Even now,Still can’t calm down,“or it could be,To protect me,Hidden in the dark.and so,I’m looking for,Keep looking,I also want to tell him,I am strong,Can protect myself,Don’t worry about him.later,Gradually,The traces of official shots are getting heavier,I guessed his identity vaguely.”
“Feng Yang has a word,That’s right。I am really using An Dong,To be our umbrella。Daou can rise so quickly,Can’t do without An Dong’s credit。”