Speaking of,There are a lot of problems with Qinbao。Don’t usually think,Can be pondered a little,Really just piles。

“You see,She threw it casually,Are thrown according to the color,Many are matching.”Zhuge Yaoniang sat down,“This sunflower brooch,It was re-cut from that famous yellow diamond,Many jewelry brands are not bad for money,And many of their jewels are not for sale,This yellow diamond seems to be exchanged for a diamond mine,When she was 13 years old,Birthday present from her mother.”
Zhuge Yaoniang didn’t even pick it up,“It should be in the safe,But how to say,Because it’s a beloved thing,So I won’t put it in the safe,Because after putting it in,Too much stuff,Should forget.Oh,correct,Her safe,Not called a safe,Should be called a vault。I’m a rich daughter,But compared with my little friend,I am really far.”
【I got it!!!】
【It’s Euro II!!Has succeeded】
【Our countrymen,What is his name,Of course it’s the little empress!!】
【I want to see the cloakroom of the little empress!!!Guiqiu!!!】
【In order for me to have a good material for dreaming tonight,please】
【It’s really good material for dreaming and bragging!!!】
【Do you really dare to shoot】
【I want to see Baby Ou!!!】
【I also want to see Bao Bao,What is jewelry,Baby Ou is really precious!!】
What is this nonsense。All evil medicine mothers are speechless,“She has always appeared on the scene,Just didn’t show up。A lot of what I said before,I can’t book a place,She took me there。Follow her,Anywhere,Any time,Can go anywhere~~~~”
【I’m sour】
【I heard,Baby Ou is not the only daughter of Ou Huang】