What to do about delusional women under sexual depression?

What to do about delusional women under sexual depression?

Illness classification: Other (hysterical) Treatment method classification: Psychoanalysis Therapy Name: Zhang Gender: Female Age: Education: High school graduation Socioeconomic status: Salesperson Marital status: Married external manifestation: Sensitive and suspicious, strong emotional response.

  Problems shown: Hysterical past life history and current life situation Patient situation: Zhang, female, salesperson, the main situation is as follows: “I was menarche at the age of twelve, and an old man in the neighborhood held my hand at the age of thirteen and said:‘手真胖,真好玩’.

I knew something about men and women at that time, and I felt that the old man was unwilling to think of it. Someone once said that the bad guy ‘raped a young girl’, etc., and would never dare to see the old man of the neighbor again.

  ”I was spoiled and preferred by my parents since childhood.

A younger brother and sister, they all obey my command and follow me.

Slightly displeased and angry.

Once I spoke rudely to my mother. My father criticized me. Although it was not important, I still felt very aggrieved and felt ‘can’t stand it.’ I would ignore my father in the next few days.

  ”I’m very afraid of physical activity. I always worry about physical injuries, such as broken legs, blind eyes, and scratched skin.

When I was in school, I was scared when I saw people skipping hurdles or even thinking of exercising.

  ”When I was in the third grade of high school, I had insomnia. I was dizzy when I was studying. I had difficulty studying and was forgetful.

I often feel tired.

The school doctor said that I had a nervous breakdown.

Ask me if I have any troubles. I deny that the cause of the private prosecution is the overburden of learning and ‘the mental work is too tight’

But it was not good after the break during the holidays.

  ”When I was nineteen, my companions joked that I was too fat and I started to lose weight.

About six months later, her weight dropped from 65 kg to less than 40 kg.

Feeling weakened, amenorrhea, and stomach pain.

I feel sick after eating more.

Symptoms will be lighter and heavier in the future, and weights will increase and decrease.

  ”I went to work later, the salesperson, at the counter.

When I was twenty, I got married.

My husband is an alcoholic. He abused me. At the age of 21, I divorced him. Six months later, I got married again with a car. I did not expect that he was an alcoholic. He did not abuse me, but he drank.Excessive, one year after the car even drove off the cliff.

I am extremely sad, after all, I still love him.

I have a child with him, very good, so the child is born with short-sighted eyes, I suspect this is his father’s inheritance, so I hate his father.

  ”In my work, once, I took ten yuan and assumed one hundred yuan to find a customer at ninety-two yuan. As a result, I was criticized by my superiors and felt aggrieved and angry.

That night, I had expected to cry.

Shortly after falling asleep, I suddenly got up and went to the manager, saying that the manager intentionally gave me a hard time.

Emotional, her husband’s dissuasion was ineffective.

I do n’t know my family, I say my husband and sister are my colleagues, I do n’t know my child, and I have someone else ‘s child in my own home.

I was at work at the time, and after being admitted to the hospital, I didn’t know it was in the hospital.

When the doctor gave me a blood pressure measurement, I was very uncooperative, saying that the doctor tied me up and refused the physical examination.

I gradually fell asleep after being given a sedative.

I woke up two hours later and found myself in the hospital. I was surprised. I didn’t know how it was sent.

  ”After being admitted to the hospital, I stayed in the hospital for two days and cooperated with medical staff, but I vomited and yelled twice. I don’t know why.

On the third day, my relatives and friends came to see me. There was a episode of hyperventilation, and I was not fully conscious. I was awake for about half an hour. No pathological signs were found at that time.

I have performed many tests in the hospital, including gastroscopy, barium meal imaging, etc., but have not found any organic disease. I have been diagnosed with neurogenic vomiting.

I can feel it. The doctor also said that every time my symptoms got worse, I was angry. Even when I saw a colleague I didn’t like to see me, I would vomit.

When I got home, I felt a little hungry when I wasn’t eating, but I vomited after eating and lost weight to less than 40 kilograms. I was weak and stayed in bed.I have been admitted to the hospital’s internal medicine department to repeat this type of examination. Except for thin body and dry skin, there is no organic disease.

  ”Not long ago, when I was twenty-two years old, my alcoholic husband hadn’t drove down the cliff, but he forgot my birthday.

I experienced all kinds of discomfort, fatigue, weight loss, joint stiffness and swelling in the morning.

I claim to be down.

After psychological treatment, the anger was vented, and various body symptoms including joint swelling, pain were alleviated and disappeared.

A few weeks later, she suddenly received her mother’s critical letter and felt nervous and worried.

Swelling and pain in the middle knuckle were found the next day, and the ring could not be removed.

After a few days, these symptoms disappeared again.

I’m surprised, what’s going on?

Until my drunken husband drove the car off the cliff and made a funerary for the car, I completely broke down, and I started to have psychological conflict, very painful.

Three days later, when I washed my face in the morning, I noticed that my eyebrows were slightly replaced.

Within two days, the whole body of hair including eyelashes, underarm hair and pubic hair also began to tangle. I was scared, I felt scared.

I have had many dreams. In the dreams, a large number of illusions, hallucinations and unsystematic delusions appeared on the blurred back.

I have hallucinations, and the content is mostly terrible scenes, such as seeing killings, beasts coming, so I have panic and shouting in my dreams.

Sometimes I see small animals such as moths and tadpoles. I hunt everywhere.

My loved ones said that my words were incoherent.

The content of my delusion is also fickle, noticing without contact.

Consciousness changes abruptly with the severity of spindle disease.

It is usually heavier at night, often agitated and restless, and slightly lighter during the day.

Directional force is incomplete or lost.

  ”Once, I called my parents and called my younger son, saying that you should all listen to me.

I also picked up old items, such as wooden blocks and broken shoes, and piled them up at home to prevent others from moving.

Sometimes I feel arid and can eat quietly.

  ”I’m in a state of mentality now, I don’t know, but I feel like I’m really crazy as others say.

I don’t know what to do?

Expert analysis, evaluation and treatment of the doctor’s analysis of Zhang’s statement, pointed out that her personality arrogance, exercise fear, anorexia hunger, learning to worry, family misfortune, are a series of naive personality development caused by certain objective reasonsPsychological performance, the elderly form psychological barriers that hinder life and work.

At the same time, due to Zhang’s precocious puberty and menarche at the twelve years of age, there was a fierce conflict between physical and psychological development, and the lack of necessary sexual knowledge. Although he thought he knew some things between men and women, he actually caused sexual depression.Associating normal interpersonal communication as “raping young girls”, it shows a strong emotional response and a tendency to be delusional and suspicious.

As a result, personality defects are caused during the growth process, and hysterics occur in a series of mental stimulation.

At the same time, the doctor asked Zhang to restrain his abnormal behavior.

  After half a year’s treatment, Zhang has some understanding of his personality defects, and has corrected the extreme relative treatment of family members and colleagues. It can be expected that in the long-term adherence to the doctor’s self-psychological adjustment, Zhang will probably achieve the goal of eliminating substitution.。
  Experts comment or outline that hysteria is mainly psychotherapy, and it uses analytical therapy, behavioral therapy, and collective therapy for treatment.

As hysteria occurs in adolescents, especially women, providing a better interpersonal environment is conducive to coping with the occurrence of hysteria. At the same time, hysteria is easily offset by other neurological and mental diseases. Therefore, we must grasp hysteria.Personality characteristics and specific manifestations, so as not to delay treatment: (1) High emotional intensity and variability.

The patient’s emotional response is too strong, often exaggerated, and emotionally unstable, and it is easy to change from one emotion to another.

Patients often work emotionally, and the standard for judging right and wrong often starts from emotions.

  (2) Highly suggestive.

The patient suggests that the sensitivity is high, and his behavior is easily affected by the words and deeds of those he respects or likes.

Such patients also have high self-suggested susceptibility, which can even cause various discomforts in the body.

A high degree of self-expression.

Patients like themselves, brag about themselves, and are willing to be the center of attention.