Zhang Yunqi did hear clearly。But in fact,“I am not worried that you will not be able to bear the torture,To commit a crime。”Because you are so kind.“I just.”Just what,Zhang Yunqi also said it。I just hope Baby Ou can react a little,then,He can do something for her logically.Even if she took the opportunity to ask something,He would just nod his head and be satisfied.

“Oh,correct.”Baby Ou thought about it,“An Xiaoqing impersonating others,Attack me,Hijack me,Cut me,This is your serious negligence。Now it has caused such bad consequences to me,I think,Should you do some reflection,By the way,Give me some compensation?”
“.”bad boy。
Zhang Yunqi just hoped that the kid would make a request,But she really mentioned,But he really wants to hit someone。
“I tell you now,Also means,Compensation measures have been approved.”Zhang Yunqi sent someone a thick document,“Including your advisor status and treatment issues.This is confidential content,You can just take a look alone。”
Baby Ou flipped through randomly,I found that there are a lot of good things in it,Among them are the permanent ownership of several pieces of land.
Officially ban me as a landlord。
What’s the matter of being inexplicably proud。Oh baby close,Cough,“these things,Already implemented?”
Zhang Yunqi stared at her,“if not?I’ll use this for you to practice weightlifting?”
“.”Neighbors like this,But not at all kind inside.Baby Ou suddenly asked,“Your home,You look like this?”
Zhang Yunqi luck,“I’m your father’s brother anyway,You always treat me like you and me,Isn’t it too careless??It’s not polite,You attacked my appearance.Don’t think you guys look good,Can do whatever you want.”
“.”It seems that my father is in Zhang’s family,Is very do whatever you want。
Baby Ou is actually a good boy who is very polite and particular,Whoever talks to is polite,Unless this person makes her unwelcome,She doesn’t even want to maintain basic politeness。For example, Zhang Yunqi, Zhou Jin, and Jiang Fan。Everyone can be counted as her elder,But she is direct you,I really don’t want to use you。