[How to make tomato and egg brine]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make tomato and egg brine]_ production method _ practice Daquan

The halogenated noodles in Shanxi are very famous because in some famous novels, the frequency of halogenated noodles is very high.

The halogenated noodles are different from other methods of making noodles. The most important thing is the halogenated noodles.

Among them, tomatoes and eggs can be used to make marinated noodles. People who like to eat tomatoes and eggs can also learn about the precautions and methods for tomato and egg marinating.

The processing is as follows: 1. Beat the eggs into the bowl. For two people, 2-3 eggs.

Add a little water and a little salt.

2. Beat the eggs.

Note: Chopsticks need to be played in the up and down direction, the speed is fast, and the foam cannot be raised in the left and right direction.

3, cut the tomatoes open, hob can also be, not too crushed, prefer a little bit 4, put oil in the iron pan, a little more, eggs are more oily.

Turn the iron pan so that there is oil all around.

The oil temperature is a little hot.

5, talk about the beating, a lot of frothy eggs quickly poured into the wok.

6. After waiting for 2 seconds, you can see that the eggs are quickly launched in the iron pan. At this time, you are turning the iron pan to allow the egg liquid inside to flow into the cooking oil in the iron pan and continue to foam.

7. Use a shovel to start slicing the eggs and tumble.

Flip a few more times and the tomatoes will shatter or be cut with a shovel.

8. When the eggs are liquid, put the tomatoes and start frying. There will be no oil in 1-2 minutes.

Is it dry in the wok?

9. It doesn’t matter.

Put a small bowl of water in the bowl where you just beat the eggs and pour it into the iron pan.

10. When the water is boiling slightly, put salt and a little soy sauce on it.

You can also add some umami savory juice, fuel, or old vinegar.

I suggest MSG, I don’t like this thing.

Of course, a little green onions is better.

11, the finished tomato marinated should be a bit of soup, will not flow; eggs are moderately fluffy; tomatoes are lumpy and melted.

After that, things are simple. 1. Put the fried vegetables in a larger bowl.

2. Don’t wash the wok for cooking, add water directly to boil.

3, talk about noodles boiled in, add a bit of cold water when boiling, add about three times, when the noodles all float up, you can cook.

4. If the weather is hot, you can cool the noodles with cold water.

5, then in the bowl (half bowl, easy to stir), plus the tomato and egg braised.

It’s delicious.

6. When eating noodles, it’s too refreshing to have a little shredded cucumber (sliced cucumber, without any sauce, sprinkle directly on the tomato eggs in the bowl.