But there are too many customers in the mall,Countless times“Repeated bombing”You can ignore it,Avoided by all kinds of dislike,You can also pretend not to know,But the problem that cannot be avoided is:Staff in the mall,Security guard or cleaner,From time to time, I will yell and be quiet,And drove her out of the mall!

I never encountered such a scene,Quiet will blush and lower your head,Carrying his own woven bag and fled!She is still a little girl after all,She still has her own pitiful counseling heart。
She never understood:I neither steal nor rob,Didn’t do anything bad,I just rely on my own hands to feed myself,Isn’t it okay??Why drove me out?
Quiet don’t know,Her behavior,Will seriously affect the image of the mall,Aroused disgust from many customers,So it’s normal to drive her out。
It’s like those restaurants and restaurants,I would rather throw a large amount of leftover food from customers into the swill bucket,And will never allow people like Jing to enter,It’s the same thing to fill your stomach with those leftovers!Even if the waiters in the restaurant are willing,Even if the restaurant owner is merciful,Those dining guests will never agree。
In the eyes of most people,The food I can’t finish can be used as swill to feed the pigs,Shouldn’t be eaten by these tattered people,Because these people have no meaning to live!Pigs can be eaten by us as food when they are raised,And these people who pick up the tatters even fill up their stomachs,It won’t bring us any benefits,So they just fend for themselves,But don’t disturb the lives of normal people like us,It’s better to never let us see them。
But with the progress of the times and the development of society,People’s personal qualities and accomplishments are getting higher and higher,Some people have begun to take the initiative to help these people who have been abandoned by society,They will buy some food for these poor wicked people,I will give my old clothes to these rags,Just people who can do these good deeds,Still very few……
Quietly turned around again,Harvest,Just turn around again,I guess I can sell it again。
She is a little tired,So I found a place with few people,Resting against a big tree。She is thirsty,But this problem is the easiest to solve,Because in the drink bottle she picked,Many of them have drinks left in them,Sometimes a little,Sometimes half a bottle,She even picked up a whole bottle of a drink that might have only been drunk one or two sips,So the question of water,Never bothered her。
Pedestrians on the street,Bustling,Shoulder to shoulder。
Leaning quietly on the tree,Drinking half a bottle of Coca-Cola,I looked aimlessly at the crowd passing by my eyes,She is close to these people,But people who live completely in two different worlds。
A toddler appeared not far from before Quiet,Squeaking and talking“words”,Walking staggering on one side,Then I just squatted down on the ground。
He is too young,It was overwhelmed by the crowd in an instant,And this is a very dangerous thing,A little inattentive,Maybe someone will step on him because he can’t see him!