But whether it’s news reports or watching highlights,It’s not as intuitive as watching the live broadcast。

As the World Cup progresses,“Four kings”Louis the oldest of all·The French team led by Francis was surprisingly not even in the knockouts,After finishing the group stage, we will go home。
So embarrassing。
Although he has the title of World Cup winner on the personal honor roll,But the desire to truly win the World Cup with your own strength may never be realized.——Four years later2026World Cup,He will be thirty-eight by then,Almost certainly can’t participate again。
After entering the knockout stage,The defending champion Germany was also eliminated in the quarter-finals.,Aylmer failed to complete the task of leading the team to defend the title。It also confirms the cruelty of the World Cup and the uncertainty of football.。
The World Cup curse that the defending champion cannot defend will continue for another four years。
In the end, it was the two kings who made it to the World Cup final.,The Italian team led by Caesar vs. Cerrados’ Spain。
This much-anticipated battle for kings of heaven,Hu Lai and Wang Guangwei did not regard it as。
Change to ordinary fans,This must be a beer supper ready long ago,Call three or five friends,The battle of Tianwangshan。
But for professional players Hu Lai and Wang Guangwei,They are not qualified to stay up late to watch football——The team has assembled,The first phase of winter training。
The World Cup is coming to an end,All the players of Anton Shining Star flew to Yunshan Gaoguanshui City to prepare for the new season.。
Hu Lai knew that the World Cup champion would ultimately belong to the news report of the next day.。
The Italian team relies on their excellent tactical discipline and defense,Withstood Spain led by Cerrados“Golden generation”Offensive,After playing a dull 90-minute game,Enter overtime。In the second half of overtime,Rely on“Emperor”Serius·Caesar’s super personal ability,The Italian team took a one-goal lead。