“Humph,get lost?Why don’t you just go back to the mental hospital,I’m looking for it again,Really bad luck!”

Zhang Chunqin snorted coldly,I have to complain again,At this moment,Belly growling。
“Wife,Hungry?”Ren Dongguo asked,Ye Tianzong interrupted:“I just heard you say,President Wang won’t be held accountable??”
“That’s great。”
“Wife, your career is making progress,This is double happiness,Not as good as,Let’s go have a big meal and celebrate?”
Chapter Twenty Six Hongfu Restaurant
In Zhang Chunqin’s opinion,Ye Tianzong is a troublemaker。
As soon as this fool appeared,Nothing good。
and,He speaks,I feel uncomfortable。
but,Now my daughter’s career is taking off,The Wang family’s grievances have also been properly resolved,This time,I keep my nerves tight all the time。
Following Ye Tianzong’s proposal,,Both Ren Dongguo and Ren Yurou agree。