“Actually this,I feel,It seems to be very nice。”

slowly,When Ye Xuan stared at these things。
Even for such things,Actually Ye Xuan itself,It doesn’t feel much at all。
“All right,Actually now,Why do you need to do this?”
“but,Since you are willing to toss like this,Then just do whatever you want。”
When Ye Xuan looked at these things,The more so。
Actually, I won’t talk about other things for now。
these questions,What kind of method should be used to solve it。
these questions,Actually Ye Xuan looks,It’s totally necessary to solve it。
And looking at it all,Actually for now,Just this problem,It is absolutely necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible.。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,While seeing here,Ye Xuan itself,Doesn’t feel much at all。
“well,Actually now,Such a thing,We have dealt with it almost!”
“As for the next,How should we arrange,Just these problems,It makes people feel,Seems to be coming。”
When Ye Xuan finished,Those around,Actually waiting for Ye Xuan’s news here。
Actually now,What does Ye Xuan plan to do,Just this,For others,In fact, it is quite important。
but,After seeing here,Now,Ye Xuan waved his hand:“well,Since they are willing to do this,Then,Let other companies work together。”
“Don’t talk about anything else,at least,Teach them a lesson first!”
When Ye Xuan said this,,obviously,It has completely made those around me understand。
These ones,What’s going on。
Just when those people around,Subconsciously fall in front of you。