Six tips to teach you wonderful work

Six tips to teach you wonderful work

The work at hand is heavy and many people are “stirring.”

For example, I happened to meet an old friend who hadn’t seen me for a long time on the road a few days ago, and asked him how he’s been?

He shrugged his shoulders: “I’ve been very weak recently, and the pace of going to work every day is getting heavier. I was thinking twice, should I go or stay?

“Well, boring at work?

Many years of training in the corporate world, many people often hear the same sentiment.

Going to work on the first day was very excited; however, going to work today was painful.

After a long time, work seems to be synonymous with dullness, and it is no longer happy and wonderful.

  However, work is a very important part of your life. If you do n’t feel good at work, your life often lacks vitality.

What can I do to get back my wonderful mood at work?

  One: Find the meaning of work. I know a primary school mathematics teacher who has taught mathematics for 30 years. If you squeeze into his classroom, you will see him with white hair and happily greets the children: “Hi, I am yoursMath wizard, today I want to teach you the magic of 1 + 1!

“He danced and was very happy.

For 30 years, it ‘s the same day. Every year, the words are the same. The content of the teaching is the same, but still very happy.

Asking him about the secret, he said: “It’s very simple, it might be the nth time for me, but it is the first time for the children.

“Use your customers’ perspective to interpret their work.

You will find that your nth time can still be as exciting as the first time.


To be wonderful, you must first find passion.

And passion comes from affirming the meaning of work.

So if you want to be wonderful, don’t forget to think about the significance of your work to others. It is no longer difficult to find passion.

  Two: Relieve stress and make work more exciting Many people love their work, but because of too much pressure, they unknowingly change their work mood.

At this time, smart people will adjust their stressful mood and make the work pace faster or slower in order to create wonderful job performance.

  You might say, “It’s too busy to work. Where can I relax?

“It doesn’t take much time to recover and relax.

Here are some good suggestions for you: Even if the work is heavy, you and I can still have some fine time in the middle to help myself relieve stress.

For example, if you write your business plan and stand up and go to the tea room and pour a cup of tea, you can be a “walking zen”.

It’s simple, slow down, concentrate on feeling the moment you walk, and walk very intently, and you’re doing Zen.

  Master this principle, you can do “walking zen” when walking in the office, and you can do “eating zen” at noon. In addition, you can spend five minutes doing deep breathing and relaxing exercises at any time, which can help you to lose your emotional junk at work and have the ability to re-runPassionate.

  3: Working as a show When I was studying for my PhD in the United States, there was a young handsome professor in the department. His class was always laughing and every student was looking forward to seeing him in the classroom.

Should he teach an interesting subject?

No, he teaches statistics.

  One time I talked to the handsome professor before the class. When the class bell rang, he jumped up to pack and then smiled and said:

Haha, it’s so interesting, he treats every teaching as a rock band performance.

Actually, it makes sense to think about it. We often go to enjoy the wonderful performances of artists on the stage. The reason why they are in a wonderful state is because they are clear, standing on the stage, and everyone is paying attention.

And if you maintain the same mentality at work, work is actually a stage, and of course you should do your best to perform.

With such a mood, of course, work can easily become exciting.

  Four: Use creative creativity to excel at work and be competent.

But if the country has an idea, it will not be easy to be exciting.

  A friend worked as a secretary in a law firm for many years. His boss changed three or four firms, but he was unwilling to change him as a secretary.
The reason is that he has worked for many years and still does not forget to give play to his creative work.
For example, he always uses his brain to think of better file management methods, and always keeps improving when making reports, which makes people’s eyes bright.

When his boss gave a speech, he often cited his secretary as an example, saying: With this wonderful performance of the secretary, his own job satisfaction and sharp rise.

  Creativity can be wonderful.

Think more about how to be a creative worker, and the excitement will follow.

  Five: Difficulty as a challenge I have been to a bank, and I found that this bank has a high turnover rate of new employees.

When asked, it turned out that the requirements of the leadership were particularly high, and the words were unrelenting, and many newcomers left angrily before they came in.

But a young man stayed and was elected as the company’s outstanding employee the following year.

A careful study revealed that his philosophy was to treat the boss’s difficulties as a challenge to his progress.

He said, “Everybody only sees where the boss’s requirements are unreasonable, and I focus on the benefits that may come from it.

So the harder it is to satisfy the boss, the more likely it is that you will improve.


This is really a smart EQ master!

Because psychological research finds that challenges and novelties are important elements that make people feel wonderful.

Therefore, if you make difficult things a challenge, you will not only make yourself feel depressed, but will add vitality to your wonderful work.

  Six: Big things and small things are wonderful opportunities. Those who are really happy at work and feel that they are wonderful at work will not give up any opportunity to learn at work.

  Tell me to send a document?

No problem, now I have the opportunity to meet colleagues in other departments.

Want me to copy a file?

Good opportunity, now I can learn how to write this official document.

When you think about it this way, you realize that everything at work is an opportunity to learn.

The wonderful feeling is the sense of accomplishment from learning.

Learned, have a sense of accomplishment, feel excited and happy, of course, wonderful.

  There are actually no wonderful jobs in the world, only wonderful workers.

With these principles in mind, your work will surely be wonderful!